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Anne Davidson

Anne Davidson

Faculty Member

Anne Davidson received her B.A. in Intercultural Studies in 1989 from Biola University, her M.Ed. in Adult Education in 2009 from Penn State, and her M.A. in English in 2013 from National University.

Ms. Davidson shares the following:

I have been teaching English for over twenty years and have a passion for educating students about the importance of strong writing and grammar skills in today’s workplace. Additionally, I wrote one of my master's thesis on distance education. Ever since then, it has been my goal to deliver outstanding, collaborative online classes to students. I was once an online student myself, so I understand both the challenges and the amazing opportunity this type of learning provides.

I live in Olympia, Washington with my youngest child and two dogs - a goldendoodle and black Labrador, the former of which enjoys chewing up the furniture when I’m not home. I have two other kids who are college students at the University of Washington and Washington State.

I love to hike (my daughter and I summited Mt. St. Helen’s this year), watch the Seahawks (rough year last year), and spend time on the water (minimal opportunities when it’s not raining here in Washington).