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Dr. Tricia Weldon

Tricia Weldon

Faculty Member

Dr. Tricia Weldon is a Health Psychologist who is proud to be one of the online faculty members instructing psychology-based courses and stress management here at Dallas Institute of Funeral Service. As an instructor, her objective is to create a learning atmosphere that is engaging, stimulating, and challenges students to become critical thinkers. Through the use of everyday examples, she is able to facilitate connections between psychological theory and real life so that students can relate to the material in a meaningful way. Finally, it is her hope that as an instructor she can inspire students to follow their interests, expand their understanding of psychological investigation, and to share what they have learned with others so that all of us may benefit from their individualized pursuits.

Dr. Weldon obtained her doctorate degree from Northcentral University and specializes in trauma intervention through human-horse interactions. In addition to instructing at private and community colleges, she is the founder and president of a not for profit organization that provides equine-assisted trauma recovery for children and adults in northern California. The charitable work that Dr. Weldon does allows her to give back to the community, generate positive change, and improve lives.