Community Life

Class Organization

studentlife officers1Class Organization is encouraged in order that each class might work together as a team. Class officers are elected early in the program and, with their leadership, many class functions are planned and enjoyed by the entire student body. Many of the classes have worked collectively to make charitable contributions and help the underprivileged.

Pi Sigma Eta

studentlife pse1


Pi Sigma Eta is an honorary funeral service fraternity represented at the college by the Epsilon Chapter. Admission is based on scholastic standing and is subject to the rules of the mother chapter.




Women In Black

studentlife womenblack1Women in Black is a social club that is open to all women enrolled at Dallas Institute of Funeral Service to provide an opportunity for women in the funeral service industry to network and share experiences. Monthly meetings are held to socialize and welcome new members into the group as well as to plan charitable activities.



Lions Club International

studentlife lionclub1The Dallas institute of Funeral Service Lions Club was chartered on October 16, 2009 and is one of only two college campus lions clubs in District 2X-1 Lions Clubs International. Lions Club provides an opportunity for the student to become active in one of the well-known civic organizations that will be present in the communities they will reside in and gets them involved in a community service organization.




Student Center

studentlife center1The Robert P. Kite Student Center is a modern area where the students are provided with a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.

Funeral Service Organizations and Allied Trades

Students are invited to join national, state and local funeral service organizations at special membership rates.  These organizations often sponsor scholarships, in-kind donations and many other benefits. 

Members of allied trades organizations provide networking opportunities and mentoring that add to funeral service education.  Firms associated with funeral service sponsor student seminars, field trips, lunches and other activities.

Student Advising and Guidance

studentlife advising1It is the feeling of the college that the student should mature in all areas, not solely scholastic. With this in mind, advising of students may be held at regular intervals. It is hoped that students will confide in their advisers whenever necessary, with the assurance that all problems are held in confidence and judged on an individual basis and with full consideration. Other members of the college staff, including the president, are available to assist the students with their needs.

Living Accommodations

Most of the housing is in local apartments, however, most are not located immediately near the campus so transportation is necessary.  The campus is located on a public transportation route that is serviced by Dallas Area Rapid Transit.  Incoming students may come to the college upon arrival in the city and pick up a list of housing options recommended by the student body.  Also available, at no charge to the student, are the services of MY Apartment Finders. They can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 214-929-5009.

Student Employment

The college is in constant contact with people who are looking for part-time employees. These positions can be obtained only upon arrival in the city and cannot be reserved by mail prior to arrival. The college cannot guarantee student employment.

Students are reminded that their primary goal is to complete their education. Thus the college recommends that students pursue their studies for a few weeks to determine their ability to handle the academic load before seeking employment.

Employment Assistance

Employment assistance is available to both graduates and employers seeking to fill positions. Whether a student is seeking employment upon graduation, an ex-student wishes to find new employment, or a firm needs an employee, the college is constantly striving to aid its graduates and the profession in meeting their employment and staffing needs. However, the college cannot guarantee employment.

Through the years many Dallas Institute graduates have assumed positions of responsibility in funeral service and its related industries. Our graduates represent the future of the profession.


The college endeavors to maintain an accurate record of its graduates, including current addresses and other pertinent information of interest to its members and the college. Alumni are encouraged to keep the college updated on their current address as well as place of employment.