Cavender promoted to Dean of the Dallas Institute

Wayne CavenderWayne Cavender has been an instructor at Dallas Institute since February 1994. He has served as clinical embalming program supervisor as well as Administrative Assistant to the president for many years prior to his most recent promotion to Dean of the Dallas Institute.

In his new position he will have the primary responsibility to oversee the effectiveness of the academic program of the college and Student Services, this will include helping and directing the faculty with; faculty meetings to improve all academic direction and organization, course scheduling, faculty and course record-keeping, professional development, course assessments, educational materials, surveys, faculty handbook, student services, career services, student life, student activities, social programs, student disciplinary-related processes and procedures, student handbook, and student resources.  The Dean develops strategies with the president for academic program success as well student success, satisfaction, and student retention.

Please join us in congratulating Wayne!!