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The application for enrollment into the college should [...]

icon2Educational Requirements
State funeral service licensing requirements prescribe [...]

icon3 Application for Admission
The application form should be filled out completely and [...]
Admission of Foreign Students
Foreign students who wish to enroll in the college should [...]

icon5 Transfer of Credits
Credits earned at other accredited schools [...]

icon6 Enrollment Dates
There are four enrollment dates each year [...]



The application for enrollment into the college should be secured from the college registrar or on the college website at The completed application should be returned as far in advance of the actual enrollment date as possible to allow for proper processing of the application. Processing usually takes three to four weeks. All applications should be submitted at least 15 days prior to the enrollment date.

Educational Requirements

State funeral service licensing requirements prescribe the educational standards which must be met by the applicant prior to his/her enrollment in the college. The requirements from state to state vary considerably. The applicant should consult with the state licensing agency in the state in which he/she plans to practice or the registrar of the college well in advance of the desired date of enrollment.

An applicant will not be accepted for admission into the college until complying with all rules and regulations which may be required by the licensing agency of the state in which the applicant plans to practice. All applicants must be high school graduates or the equivalent (G.E.D.).

Some states will not allow a person to take their board exam or issue a license to a person who has a conviction of a crime of the grade of a felony (or a misdemeanor that is related to the practice of embalming or funeral directing). Each person is responsible for contacting the licensing board or commission if this should be a problem. The school cannot be responsible if you fail to do this..

Application for Admission

The application form should be filled out completely and returned to the college. In addition, the following items are required:

green button A high school transcript certifying graduation or a GED certificate and scores. This should be sent directly to the college.
green button One transcript from each college previously attended by applicant. This should be sent directly to the college.
green button A recent photograph attached to the application for ID purposes only.
green button A $50.00 application fee.
green button Provide evidence that the applicant has had the required Bacterial Meningitis Immunization.

admissions onpage1Incomplete applications without a photo and/or registration fee will be returned to the applicant. The applicant will be notified of the disposition of the application by letter from the college registrar.

The college reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant when it is considered to be in the best interest of the college, its students, and the funeral service profession. Only those applicants whose qualifications will ensure their becoming worthy members of the funeral service profession will be considered for enrollment.

Admission of Foreign Students

Foreign students who wish to enroll in the college should make application in the same manner as other students. Upon acceptance for training, their information will then be entered to the INS online information system and an I-20 Form is then sent to the applicant to take to the consular offices to obtain your student visa.

Transfer of Credits

admissions onpage2Credits earned at other accredited schools, colleges and universities may be transferred to Dallas Institute of Funeral Service and may be applied toward the Associate's Degree. Courses transferred must correspond to the course content prescribed by the school, and stu­dents or applicants must be able to successfully pass a proficiency examination in the sub­ject. A grade of "C" or better is required on all transfer courses.

Records will be clearly documented, and the student will be informed that the evaluation will take place upon the receipt of transcripts. In all cases, official transcripts to verify cred­its earned must be provided by students to the school prior to granting any transfer credit or by the end of the first quarter, whichever occurs first.

Transfer credits will be awarded subject by subject. Evaluators will use the formula that one quarter hour is equal to 2/3 semester hours when making computations (i.e., 30 SH = 45 QH).

General education course transfer credits must be made up of the following categories and sample courses:

English/Literature 5 quarter hours (3 semester hours)

English Composition or Literature (may transfer for ENG 105)

Behavioral Science 5 quarter hours (3 semester hours)

General Psychology or Intro to Psychology (may transfer for PSY 105)

Math/Science 5 quarter hours (3 semester hours)

College level Math, Chemistry or Physics (may transfer for MAT 105)

General Electives 10 quarter hours (6 semester hours)

History, Political Science, Government, Humanities, Anthropology, Economics, Philosophy, or Religion (may transfer for HIS 105 & HIS 205)

Transfer credit will be clearly shown on the student's "Evaluation of Previous Education and Training Form" and college transcript. The student's tuition may then be adjusted based on the fee schedule.

7765Transfer students shall complete at least thirty-five (35) quarter hours in residency at Dallas Institute of Funeral Service. Students who enroll at this college with a bona fide degree from an accredited college or university shall be eligible to receive the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Funeral Service upon successful completion of the four quarters of funer­al service core at Dallas Institute of Funeral Service.

Students receiving transfer credit for some subjects may be required to attend regularly sched­uled classes and to repeat the subject since our method of instruction intermixes subjects with funeral service. Exceptions can be made with the permission of the president of the college.

Enrollment Dates - See Calendar

There are four enrollment dates each year, winter, spring, summer, and fall. The winter and summer enrollment dates are those in which the Associate of Applied Science Degree Program begins for those needing at least one of the General Education classes taught in the first quarter of the AAS Program. The spring and fall enrollment dates are for those who already have a degree or have sufficient transfer credits to begin in the second quarter of the AAS Program. The spring and fall enrollment dates are the start of the Funeral Directors Program.

The actual dates of enrollment are announced well in advance. The student is urged to be present on the actual enrollment date, as an orientation period is provided to make the adjustment to the college and community as easy as possible. It is suggested that the student arrive a day or two early in order to get settled before the classes begin. No student will be accepted later than three (3) days after the enrollment dates.